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Our History

A quest for a better place to eat led co-founder JD Dickinson to open his own restaurant featuring gourmet burgers. Tired of the same old options and disappointed with the “chain” burger restaurants, JD decided it was time to re-open MoonDollars Bistro with long time friend and and original business partner Rick Demmig and added talented daughter Jaqueline Dickinson to make it a destination restaurant with beer, wine and spirits.

After experimenting with a blend of different ground beefs, Rick came up with a unique blend to make the best burger ever and using his long term baking experience to make all the breads and dough from scratch. But, not to leave out other options, made sure to add sandwiches, salads and pizzas using only high quality fresh ingredients to the menu.

Originally teaming up in 2007, MoonDollars made a name for itself in the community and created many long term relationships. With a short hiatus to re-tool and come back with the original partnership and a simplified high quality menu they look forward to serving long time and new customers and the community as MoonDollars Bistro. Come in have a great meal, enjoy the atmosphere and say “Hi” to Rick and Jaq!! They’re back and ready to serve you!

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